Winston County Sheriff's Office

New number to call for those needing Winston County Sheriff's Office's Dispatch

DOUBLE SPRINGS -  Due to ongoing issues with the landlines at the Winston County Courthouse in Double Springs, a new number has been put in place for those needing to call dispatch at the Winston County Sheriff's Office.  To reach dispatch, please call (205) 272-1080.

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Missing persons update

Jaqleen Amber Grimes and Joshua Chester Flanagin have been missing since early June.

WINSTON COUNTY - Law enforcement wants to assure family members of both Joshua Chester Flanagin and Jaqleen Amber Grimes, who both went missing about five days apart in early June, that investigation into both disappearances remains active and all leads are being checked.

Searches have been ongoing, and all leads  on the disappearances of Flanagin, 36, and Grimes, 33, both of Double Springs, are being investigated according to the Winston County Sheriff’s Office.

Juvenile fabricates shooting

DOUBLE SPRINGS  -  Law enforcement are deciding on either charges or a plan of action to take against a 14-year-old juvenile who falsified information of a shooting and two male subjects at large when the juvenile was actually the one who pulled the trigger.

Double Springs residents missing

Jaqleen Amber Grimes, left, and Joshua Chester Flanagin, right, were both reported missing by the Winston County Sheriff’s Office on June 12. As of press time Monday, they were still missing. (Courtesy photos)

WINSTON COUNTY - The public’s assistance is being sought by the Winston County Sheriff’s Office to locate a man and a woman who had both been reported missing as of press time Monday, June 12.

Jaqleen Amber Grimes, 33, of Double Springs, was last seen on June 1, on Highway 195 in the Black Pond area, according to the sheriff’s office.

Proposed bill would help sheriff and volunteer firefighters

Lt. Zena Ingram with the Delmar Fire Department shows the scrap collected by the fire department to sell in order to have funds for the department.
WINSTON COUNTY - The need for more funding is a constant issue for both the Winston County Sheriff’s Office, as well as volunteer fire departments, which struggle daily without updated trucks and equipment. A bill has been introduced that, if approved by the voters of Winston County, will provide much needed relief to this financial situation.

Haleyville man sought by Winston County Sheriff's Office captured in Mississippi

Damion Gruenberg (file photo)
TISHOMINGO - A 33-year-old Haleyville man, who law enforcement believe accidentally shot himself at a Highway 13 residence last November, has been at large since escaping from UAB Hospital - until a Jan. 12 traffic stop found him with a large supply of drugs.