Haleyville city employees to receive raise

HALEYVILLE - Haleyville city employees will see an increase on their checks beginning in September.

The Haleyville City Council approved during their Aug. 6, meeting to increase city employees' (with the exception of APOST-certified police officers) pay by 50 cents per hour.  Department heads are receiving a $1,200 a year raise, equaling out to $100 extra per month.  Acting City Clerk Christy Harbin, who has been employed in her current position for less than a year, will not receive a raise at this time, but the city will absorb her insurance costs as a way of compensating her. 

Raises in pay for police officers in Haleyville were also approved by the council during their meeting through a new pay scale, which will be effective for the first pay period earned in September, 2018.  Starting pay for non-certified officers will be $12/hr., rising to $12.50/hr. when they are at the academy, they rising to top pay of $15.50/hr. after three years.  Certified officer starting pay will be $13/hr., also rising to $15.50/hr. after three years.  Pay for sergeants will rise to $16.50/hr., and lieutenant/investigator pay will rise to $18.30/hr.

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