Arley Police getting upgrades

Arley Police Chief Jerry Cummings shows the computer in his police cruiser. A new hard drive will be installed soon in both Arley police cruisers.

ARLEY - The Arley Police Department has computers in its vehicles dating back to the time when Ed Townsend was sheriff. This fact was brought up at the town meeting on Monday, Jan. 7, by Police Chief Jerry Cummings. Little money would have to be used from the police department account to purchase new laptop computers thanks to seizure money, Cummings noted
“They’re be roughly 15 years old,” Cummings said about the present computers. The total price for new laptops would be $2,433.60, or $1,216.80 for each of the two vehicles.
“We got some seizure money the other day,” Cummings explained. “We had to go to court on it, and the judge gave the money to us.”


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