Electronic poll books to be installed in Winston

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill spoke to the Haleyville Rotary Club Thursday, Feb. 28. From left, Ashley Pool, chief operating officer of Lakeland Community Hospital; Merrill; Don Dimond, Haleyville Rotary Club president; Winston County District Judge Mike Newell; Haleyville Mayor Ken Sunseri and Winston County Commission Chairman Roger Hayes.

HALEYVILLE - Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill (R) hopes to have electronic poll books in all 67 counties by the year 2022. What does this mean?
According to Merrill, it means less time waiting in line and less headache for poll workers. It is a new check-in process.
Merrill spoke about this and other topics at the Haleyville Rotary Club meeting held at Lakeland Community Hospital on Thursday, Feb. 28.
With the electronic poll book, a voter walks into his or her polling place and notices there are no long lines or signs to correspond to their last name. A voter will hand over his or her driver’s license (or photo identification) to be scanned. This will be an automatic check in. The voter will sign with a stylus pen.
“It reduces your wait time 60 to 75 percent,” Merrill stated. “Whenever that happens, you’ve had a better experience and a more enjoyable one. It’s also a lot more secure. The benefit is enormous.”


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