Tang Soo Do students earn medals

The All American Tang Soo Do students from the Haleyville and Russellville studios received about 32 medals at the recent spring tournament held in Muscle Shoals. Pictured above are Haleyville students and instructors who were in attendance. Front row, from left: Eli Miller, silver (2nd) weapons and bronze (3rd) forms; Zen Self, participation medal; Wyatt Tidwell, silver (2nd) spanning, bronze (3rd) forms. Back row are: instructor Dale Galloway, bronze (3rd) weapons, bronze (3rd) forms; Jay Kirkpatrick, bronze (3rd) sparring; studio owner and chief instructor Master Tom Jones; instructor Deryll Banning, silver (2nd) weapons, bronze (3rd) forms, bronze (3rd) sparring; Amanda Galloway, gold (1st) weapons, bronze (3rd) forms. The studio is open in Haleyville on Tuesday and Thursday at the Neighborhood Facilities Building for age six and up.

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