Billowing smoke alerts fire department to vacant house fire

HALEYVILLE - Friday morning, May 24, Fire Chief Terrell Baccus was in the area of 21st Street and Alabama Avenue, when he saw black smoke billowing from the south Haleyville area.

“I could tell it was more than a controlled burn. I called dispatch. They said they didn't have any reports of any controlled burn, so I came and inspected it and found a structure fire fully involved,” Chief Baccus stated.

A vacant brick house was blazing in the area of 8th Avenue and 4th Street. Firefighters had to use chainsaws to cut away thick brush from an overgrown lot, so other firefighters  could access the vacant house to battle the blaze, Baccus said. Firefighters received assistance from both Craft and Bear Creek fire departments.

“It was fully involved on the ground,” said Baccus. “The top had already collapsed.”

The brick house had not been occupied in quite some time, and firefighters did not report seeing anyone around the house when they arrived on the scene, according to Baccus. No injuries were reported.

Firefighters ran a line down the driveway about 100 feet through thick brush to the lot where the house was located. The main fire was contained, with firefighters monitoring the scene throughout the morning, Baccus indicated.