$1.1 million resolution passed for water and sewer improvements

Mayor Ken Sunseri has just signed a resolution for the 2019 Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan in the amount of $1,182,100.

HALEYVILLE - When the Haleyville Water Works and Sewer Board did not receive the principal forgiveness of $500,000 on a $1.5 million loan, not all of the items could be completed at this time. The HWWSB approved a resolution for one of the scenarios given by Engineer Calvin Cassady  in the amount of $1,182,100, at their meeting, Tuesday, May 28, for the 2019 “Clean Water State Revolving Fund” loan.

The price breakdown for the loan project is as follows: lift station number 11 improvements, $153,500; lift station  number 12 improvements: $178,500; Newburg Road sewer upgrade, $288,900; sludge belt press, $282,000; construction contingency at 10 percent, $90,290; administration, $30,000; engineering design at 10 percent, $99,319 and engineering inspection at six percent, $59,591. This total amounts to $1,182,100. The loan is for 20 years at the annual interest rate of 2.3 percent.

“We’ll have a payment every year of roughly $74,000 to $75,000,” Cassady said. “That’s principal and interest.”

Lift stations number 5 and 10 will be worked on at a later date and is not included in the recent resolution.

These lift stations are located throughout Haleyville. Number 11 is off Airport Road, and number 12 is on Newburg Road in Blake’s Curve. Number five is on Eighth Street, and number 10 is on Haleyville Industrial Road.

“Number 10, we believe we could do it this year or 2019-2020 through our normal maintenance budget,” Cassady said.

Cassady in addition gave out a spreadsheet for past, present and future revenues and expenses in a 10-year capital improvement plan, which shows an overage for 2019 in the amount of $183,963 and $197,005 for 2020.

Another spreadsheet given out by Cassady includes a summary of capital improvements. Costs for 2019 include the continuation of the water meter change out and repainting of the water tank in Delmar for $39,510; raw sewer lift station upgrades, $13,239; scales, sulphur and chlorine for $11,000; Scheriber plant maintenance, $21,373; truck replacement, $24,000 and a match from the Community Development Block Grant for water, sewage, drainage and paving of Sixth, Seventh and Eighth avenues from Alabama Avenue to Hwy. 13, for $271,817. This amount for 2019 totaled $380,939.

“We will be in fair shape once we get this project done with both water and sewer,” Cassady explained. “Basically, we’re only using half of the depreciation for capital improvement projects. That way, there are no surprises. If there is, we can take care of it.”

One item to come up from the spreadsheets was the water tank at Delmar. Motorists can currently see work progressing on the tank.

“I met with (the workers) today,” Cassady updated the board. “They finished putting the coat of paint on the inside today, and they’ll finish the roof next week.”

The tank’s color will be white. It will be put in service at least 30 days after it is completed, so it can properly dry.

In addition, an engineering resolution was also passed at the meeting, which is for the protection of both the engineer and the water board. It is an Alabama Department of Environmental Management requirement.

“The engineering agreement is in the amount of $188,910, and that’s to provide for the engineering administration to acquire the loan, to do the design and to do the inspection on the project,” Cassady said.

In other business, a sanitary sewer line overflow, which occurred earlier in the day, was brought up in the meeting.

HWWSB contacted the ADEM at 8:30 a.m. of the overflow behind Newburg Lumber Company. Within 30 minutes, the report was closed, with the overflow having been fixed. However, drainage did get to Cripple Creek, a tributary of Quarter Creek.

“We got a call this morning, a complaint of sewer odor around Cripple Creek,” Drew Thrasher, HWWSB superintendent, said. Employees walked the creek and eventually found the problem.

“They found about 160 to 200 feet of sewer main that had washed out over time,” Thrasher commented. “It had finally blown apart, but we have gotten the pipe back together and stabilized.”

After passing the previous meeting’s minutes and a review of finances, the board adjourned. The next meeting will be Tuesday, June 25, at 7 p.m. at the water works warehouse on 20th Street.

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