Teen from Double Springs missing

DOUBLE SPRINGS  - Sixteen-year-old Kaitlyn Mann, of Double Springs, has been listed as missing before, but never for this long, according to police.
Around 10:34 p.m. June 20, Heather Mann, who lives on Lakeshore Drive in Double Springs, reported that Kaitlyn, her daughter, had been missing since June 14, noted Double Springs Police Chief Kim Miller.
Heather reported that Kaitlyn might have been at her boyfriend’s house in Hamilton and that Kaitlyn had also been staying with friends at Cedar Avenue, in Haleyville, Miller stated.
She was last seen on June 14, leaving with two blonde- haired females in a silver car from the residence at Cedar Avenue in Haleyville, according to police.

Double Springs Police contacted Haleyville Police and Haleyville Police Officer Eddie Collins talked to residents at Cedar Avenue, being informed she was not there, Miller said.
At this point,  Double Springs contacted Hamilton Police, which sent officers to the boyfriend's residence, but Kaitlyn was not located, officials said.
Two weeks later, Double Springs Police asked  the Marion County Sheriff’s Office to go out to Kaitlyn's boyfriend’s house, at which time they were given the same information authorities had received on their last visit, police said.
“Kaitlyn has a history of running away from home, but has never been gone from home this long,”  Miller pointed out.
“We have subpoenaed info from her cell phone provider and are awaiting information,” Miller said.
“People have been trying to reach her, but have been unable.”
Police are asking anyone with any information on her whereabouts to contact the Winston County Sheriff’s Office at 205-489-2115, and they will relay that information to the Double Springs Police Department.
Kaitlyn’s information has also been entered into the National Crime Information Network, police said. 


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