HES upgrades security

Shown at the newly added security feature at Haleyville Elementary are HCS Superintendent Dr. Holly Sutherland, secretary and greeter Shelia Gamble and Elementary Principal Christy Bice.

HALEYVILLE - Haleyville Elementary School has upgraded security features by providing a greeter at the left entrance door at the front of the school.

Shelia Gamble, elementary secretary at the front office, has been moved to the front entrance hallway, where she will continue her duties along with greeting students and keeping track of all who enter the school, signing them into the school's Visitor Management System. School officials encourage all  persons entering the building to come into the door at the left of the office area at the front of the school during this phase-in process.

See the complete story in the Saturday, Feb. 17, edition of the Northwest Alabamian.
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