Insurance a big topic in Haleyville City Council meeting

HALEYVILLE - Insurance was a dominant topic during the Haleyville City Council's Oct. 7, meeting.  With all council members present except Jonathan Bennett, council members approved paying for a cancer/disability insurance policy for all active Haleyville firefighters, a grand total of $3,964.80 per year or $198.24 per firefighter per year.

Mayor Ken Sunseri noted that the State of Alabama is requiring that all full-time, certified firefighters be provided this type of insurance as of Jan. 1, 2020.  Haleyville has both full-time and volunteer firefighters.  Sunseri told the council that the volunteer firefighters - who are paid by call and by drills they attend - do everything on a scene that a full-time firefighter does, assuming the same risks, so they should also have the insurance provided to them.

Sunseri told the council that the city had been notified that its health insurance for employees will soon rise five percent.  Instead of passing this increase on to city employees, resulting in a pay decrease for them, the city council agreed to absorb the cost , a total of $25,464.


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