Commissioners ask for patience as they wait for gas tax monies

Winston County Commission Chairman Roger Hayes shows the sign that will be placed on roads to be resurfaced with gas tax proceeds.

DOUBLE SPRINGS -  Residents are urged to be patient as the Winston County Commission is beginning the lengthy process of waiting until gas tax proceeds will be received next year so work on deteriorating roads and bridges can begin.
The process will be lengthy because the gas tax only went into effect Sept. 1, but county officials stressed it will be several months before improvements will be seen on the roads that will be revamped thanks to the funds.
In fact, the county does not expect to receive the first portion of funds collected from gas tax proceeds until January,  which will be a combination of funds from September-December.
After that, the county will receive the gas tax proceeds each month, noted Winston County Road Engineer James Glasgow.
The Winston County Commission expects to receive $440,000 from gas tax proceeds in year one of implementation, increasing to $500,000 the second year and up to $730,000 the third year, Glasgow explained, noting all of these were approximate figures.


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