Cordova Blue Devils upset Haleyville Lions playoff chance

A complete pass to Lion Kane Gravitt-Tucker in the end zone gives Haleyville their last touchdown. Elijah Thomas fails to stop it.

CORDOVA - Moved up a day  because of rain in the forecast, the football boys of Haleyville High School football team traveled to team up against the Cordova Blue Devils Thursday night, Oct. 24. However, it did not go as Haleyville planned, with a 35-26 loss and no advancement to the playoffs.
Cordova won the coin toss and received the opening kickoff. It took several plays and three suffered penalties before the scoreboard became active with Cordova having the first touchdown on the night. Their PAT was good, leaving it 7-0. Several downs later, after pushing forward 51 yards, Haleyville fumbled and it was recovered by Cordova at their 19-yard line. The reverse happened when Cordova got closer to the end zone, with a fumble creating a first down for Haleyville.

Haleyville’s Nick Whitman decided it was time for his team to score, so he ran a 50-yard touchdown only 11 seconds into the second quarter. Their 2-point try was no good, leaving them to trail behind Cordova 7-6.

When Cordova couldn’t break the defensive line, an incomplete pass turned the downs over to Haleyville at midfield. Moving the chains, Haleyville crept up to the Cordova goal line then passed it. The 2-point try was no good again, and the game tipped in Haleyville’s favor at 12-7.
Cordova answered with their own touchdown shortly thereafter with an 80-yard drive. Again, the ball cleared the crossbar to make the score at 14-12, Cordova.
At the beginning of the third quarter, Cordova’s Justin Wallace scored a 51-yard touchdown with another good PAT, making it 21-12 in favor of Cordova.
Haleyville suffered another fumble, with Cordova recovering and taking it for another touchdown, this time by Adam O’Rear. The PAT was good, with Cordova in the lead at 28-12.
As Haleyville moved the ball closer, a complete pass resulted in Haleyville’s third touchdown. Ty Black succeeded with the 2-point conversion, with Haleyville catching up 28-20.

As Cordova worked the downs, Austin Barry caught an interception with the Haleyville side roaring. This led to a complete pass to Kane Gravitt-Tucker in the end zone for a touchdown with only 42 seconds left in third. The 2-point try failed, and the quarter ended with a score of 28-26, Cordova.

It took time but Cordova eventually broke through Haleyville’s defense with Wallace doing the honors. The PAT by Eli Quich-Escabar was good, leaving the final score 35-26.

Haleyville’s last game of the season will be Friday night, at home against Hamilton.


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