Lynn wins against Winston County in double overtime

Lynn Bear Marcus Meeks intercepts a pass intended for a WCHS player. This happened during double overtime and set up a touchdown for Lynn soon thereafter, winning the game.

DOUBLE SPRINGS - What turned out to be the coldest football night so far this season also turned out to be an intense game when Lynn high-stepped over Winston County High for a win in double overtime Friday night, Nov. 1.
The tough and tumble first quarter involving a quarterback sack by Lynn Bear Cruz Cheatham and a WCHS Yellow Jacket interception by James Abbott ended up scoreless. The Bears made a 65-yard drive between first and second quarters to turn the scoreboard bulbs on with a 5-yard play touchdown. Their PAT was no good, leaving it at 6-0.
WCHS returned the quarterback sack they received earlier but turned the downs over to Lynn and Carson Legg was able to carry the ball to the end zone though a penalty flag stopped it. On fourth down, Yellow Jacket Austin Owens was able to intercept. Eventually working to second and goal with only 3 yards to go, the clock ran out in the first half.
As the third quarter began with Lynn on offense, a fumble gave WCHS first down rights. It was recovered by Marcus Hill. Going nowhere, they were forced to punt at fourth and 10. Lynn fumbled once more but were able to keep the ball on their side. Much like the first, third quarter was scoreless, still at 6-0, Lynn.
As the last quarter of the season began for both teams, things picked up with a 70-yard drive for a touchdown for the Yellow Jackets. The Bears were able to hold the line, through a WCHS fumble on second and goal, until third and goal with only one foot to go before Owens broke through. The 2-point conversion was good with Owens crossing the line again, making it 8-6, WCHS.
As Lynn’s turn came on offense, a 69-yard drive succeeded in Lynn scoring their second touchdown with Brandon Hill doing the honors. Their 2-point conversion was good, with Lynn ahead once more at 14-8.
On one play, WCHS fumbled the ball twice but was able to recover it both times and got in a 48-yard run with Ryker Morgan making it to the end zone. A 2-point try was no good. This left the score tied at 14 with only 3:40 left in the game, setting it up for an overtime possibility.
As the clock wound down, Lynn attempted a 27-yard field goal by Hill but was unsuccessful in their attempt, ending regulation time.
In overtime, each team gets a try at the 10-yard line to make a touchdown. Lynn received the ball first and carried it to fourth and three when a complete pass to Griffin Lynn caused a touchdown. Their PAT was no good, making it 20-14. When WCHS’ turn started, Owens carried to the end zone on first down, tying once more at 20.
Double overtime started with WCHS having the ball first. On second and eight, the ball was intercepted by Marcus Meeks, giving them first down. Hill ran for a touchdown, ending the game 26-20, Lynn.
This was only the third time in the history of WCHS football the school got to double overtime. The first time was against Winfield Sept. 24, 1982, where WCHS lost 17-20. The second time was against Red Bay Oct. 6, 1989, where WCHS got to triple overtime before losing the game 27-28.
This was the first overtime game for WCHS since Sept. 28, 2001, where they won against Haleyville 40-39.
WCHS ends their season 3-7, and Lynn ends theirs 6-5.

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