HMS football team goes 7-1 on season

HMS football team members include: front row, from left: Reece McNutt, Cooper McNutt, Hayden Ramos, Jon Cade Stone, Logan Claytor, Ian Turner, Brett Whaley. Second row: Jackson Kutis, J.B. Crumpton, Evan Cagle, Michael Thrasher, Alex Perez, Jaeden Lipsey. Third row: Noah Bell, Fisher McCombs, Grayson Goddard, Josue Marchant, Marcus Tackett, Hunter Reynolds, Dylan Yarbrough. Fourth row: Brett Cullman, Jake Chandler, Blake Hood, Eli Cagle, Andrew Barton, Gavin White. Fifth row: Tristan Reynolds, Jackson Crook, Brock Yager, Wilson Frazier, Parker Hulsey, Scuyler Jones, Benjamin Hess. Sixth row: Alex Castro, Landen Lovett, Will McCullar, Clay Price, Blake Barton, Cody Cagle. Coaches are Jeffrey Whitten, Head Coach Will Romine, Chuck Moody and not pictured Jamie White.

HALEYVILLE - The Haleyville Middle School football team rolled through this season like a freight train, devouring opponent after opponent. The Lions lost their final game to Russellville in a tough battle. Both teams had undefeated records, with the Tigers winning 20-12.
 The season’s victories for the Lions included:
Lawrence County -
Hamilton - 44-0;
Marion County - 28-13;
Meek - 42-8;
Carbon Hill - 41-6;
Winfield - 14-8;
Sheffield - 30-6.
HMS scored 259 points on the season, allowing only 69 to be scored by opponents. The Lions amassed 2,311 yards for the year, holding their opponents to 785.
Marcus Tackett was the leading rusher, with 46 carries for 751 yards. Andrew Barton was the number two man with 22 carries for 329 yards. He also lead in the receiving category.
In the passing department, Brett Coleman had 28 completions out of 47 attempts with 634 yards.
HMS head coach Will Romine commented about the season, “We had a very good year. We had a lot of good athletes who

are very talented. I can’t say enough about the coaching staff. Coach Charlie Moody is the defensive coordinator. I do the offensive. Coaches Jamie White and Jeffery Whitten are assistants. We also had Mason Lambert as a volunteer, who also was a tremendous help. The coaching staff worked very well together this season. I appreciate all of their effort and dedication to the team.
“We had a great group of eighth graders this year who are really talented. Bret Coleman was our quarterback this year. Marcus Tackett and Gavin White had a big year. Our  lines did a good job this year. Blake Hood, Andrew Barton, Clay Price, Jackson Crook, Wilson Frazier, Will McCullar, Brock Yeager did their job.
“I would have to say everyone on the team made a difference. They worked together and got after it.
“A lot of the guys played both sides of the ball,” Coach Romine continued. “We are really excited about our program. The eighth graders have already made the transition to the varsity program.
“We run the same offense and defense as Coach (Chris) Musso. This way when these kids get to his program, they already have knowledge of the schematics.
“We may change up a little bit, according to who we are playing on a particular night, but it is basically the same.

“Overall, we were very pleased with our season. In my first year as a middle school head coach, I have learned a lot. I would like to thank my coaching staff for their support.
“I appreciate the parents and everyone who supported our team this season.”



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