First responders ‘seeking a sign’ from residents

Arley Fire Department Chief James Rickett makes a reflective sign in the department’s sign shop for residents to purchase to mark their addresses properly.

WINSTON COUNTY   - The lack of proper identification, description and visible addresses at residences and other properties across the county is creating quite a headache for emergency responders, especially in situations where every second counts in a possible life or death situation.
Winston County E-9-1-1 Director Tim Webb is stressing to county residents that the center’s database needs to stay updated with not only current addresses, but also accurate property descriptions in order for emergency calls to be dispatched and handled in a timely manner.
When the 9-1-1 center created the district, the type of structures were entered into the database when every road was newly mapped for 9-1-1 addresses under Enhanced 9-1-1, Webb explained.
“That was in 1996,” Webb said. “Fast forward to 2020. All of those houses that have been painted, changed or are a different color or added onto...” now doesn’t match the description in the system.
“We need the general public, if they paint their house a different color, if they had a mobile  home then built a new house and moved the mobile home, if they will let us know, we can key that into our database,” Webb pointed out.



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