First responders facing obstacles as pandemic surges

Lt. Erik Gilbreath of the Double Springs Fire Department, shows the protective gear they take to scenes and use if COVID-19 is present.
WINSTON COUNTY - The recent uptick in COVID-19 cases not only in Winston County, but the entire area has created an impact on first responders through either positive cases of the virus among their ranks or having to go into quarantine due to exposure, affecting the very ones people depend on in emergency situations.

Lack of county road signs and road condition topics at Black Pond

A 1,200 foot section of County Road 8 will be fixed before striping. The road will be complete at this point.
BLACK POND - When a first responder is dispatched, one of the most vital items is information. An address is imperative for those first responders, whether fire, police or medical. Unfortunately, for those not familiar with the area, be it dispatch or the responder, problems arise when the address cannot be located. One major problem with this is the stealing of county road signs.

Changes involving 9-1-1 policies and RPS services due to COVID-19

Shown are Winston 9-1-1 Director Tim Webb, left, and Regional Paramedical Service Ambulance Regional Director Tim Brown explaining to a group of community leaders changes they have had to make within their respective organizations due to COVID-19.
WINSTON COUNTY - Winston County 9-1-1 is changing procedures not only for its employees, but also emergency responders they dispatch in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

First responders ‘seeking a sign’ from residents

Arley Fire Department Chief James Rickett makes a reflective sign in the department’s sign shop for residents to purchase to mark their addresses properly.
WINSTON COUNTY - The lack of proper identification, description and visible addresses at residences and other properties across the county is creating quite a headache for emergency responders...

9-1-1 Festival 5K Challenge winners cross the finish line

The 9-1-1 Festival 5K Challenge race was held Saturday, June 1, in connection with the 9-1-1 Festival, in Haleyville. Race start was at 7 a.m. on 10th Avenue. Pictured above are race winners from left: 8-13 age division Cody Cagle-00:25:40.310; 14-30 age division Tristan Carter-00:20:25.790; Lewis Barber-00:20:27.013; Cody Gray-00:25:23.783; Carlie Pendley-00:26:06.440; Hannah Coons-00:27:05.536; Summer Timmerman-00:29:41.843; 31-100 age division Jeff Fleming-00:26:15.916; Allan Pennington-00:29:23.513; Doug Roberts-00:31:05.323; Ranee Robinson-00:39:55.993; Sally Moore-00:46:30.760; Melinda Crumpton-00:46:33.296; Overall Winner Male Hamza Abusammour-00:17:17.720 (14-30 age); Overall Winner Female Alissa Hood-00:23:11.553 (31-100 age).

HALEYVILLE - The 9-1-1 Festival 5K Challenge kicked off festivities on Saturday, June 1, with the finish line on 10th Avenue.
Age divisions included 8-13; 14-30 and 31-100. The race was sponsored this year by Encore/SportsFit and Lakeland Community Hospital.
Race results includes:
1. Hamza Abusammour-00:17:17.720 (14-30);
2. Tristan Carter-00:20:25.790 (14-30);
3. Lewis Barber-00:20:27.013 (14-30);
4. Alissa Hood-00:23:11.553 (31-100);
5. Cody Gray-00:25:23.783 (14-30);
6. Cody Cagle-00:25:40.310 (8-13);

9-1-1 now accepting texts

Winston County E-911 Director Tim Webb sends the first 911 text on ANGEN, which was received by Dispatch Supervisor Deborah Hardy. Also shown is dispatcher Debbie Tidwell.
WINSTON COUNTY - Winston County is leading the way in new emergency communications technology once again...

First 9-1-1 call reenacted

Congressman Robert Aderholt, center, holds the iconic red phone from which the first 9-1-1 call in the nation was made after he and Alabama Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon, right reenacted that historic phone call. With them is Haleyville Mayor Ken Sunseri, left.
HALEYVILLE - With the 9-1-1 Festival getting underway Friday, June 1, and this year being the 50th anniversary of the first-ever 9-1-1 call in the nation made, officials from Washington and Montgomery gathered at Haleyville City Hall Friday afternoon to reenact that historic call that has led to countless lives across the world being saved.