It’s not freedomFIBER

A roll of fiber optic cable is placed outside the Lynn Fire Department

LYNN - Week before last, many noticed the large roll of fiber optic wire placed at the Lynn Volunteer Fire Department station located on County Road 59 north of Lynn. A crew from Star Construction, LLC, based out of Knoxville, Tenn., were digging a ditch on the east side of the road burying the fiber optic cable.

With news announced in late 2019 concerning the freedomFIBER high speed internet coming into the area, residents were hoping that is what it was. However, it is new fiber optic line being installed by TDS Telecom, a telephone company.

According to one of the workers, the fiber optic line is to run 7,700 feet.

“There’s a small cut off road past the fire department where there is a cross box,” a representative from the Fayette location of Star Construction said. “That’s where it’s going.”

“I’m disappointed that it’s not freedomFIBER coming to the Town of Lynn,” Clerk Marcia Manasco said. “Our internet needs to be faster.”

Officials with freedomFIBER stated it would be three to five years before they would expand into the southwestern portion of Winston County.

See complete story in the Northwest Alabamian.
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