Three Eagle Scouts and three schools

Second graders sit in the outdoor classroom with students of Julie Dodson’s second grace class up front. From left are, Kyra Elliott, Lily Williams and Christopher Moore, Logan Lewis, Heather Tucker, Elise Beach, Jadyn Gravitt and Cashen Aderholt. Moore has just cut the ribbon declaring the outdoor classroom open.

DOUBLE SPRINGS - Three separate schools have benefited this year with three Boy Scouts earning their right to be called Eagle Scouts. The Winston Career Academy had the flag pole and the surrounding area updated by Mitchell Taylor, Winston County High School had an outdoor classroom built beside Double Springs Middle School by Hunter Fields and now Logan Lewis has completed an outdoor classroom at Double Springs Elementary School. Work on the project began in November.

The area has been beautified with landscaping work, tables set up and there is also a dry erase board installed for teachers to use.

Lewis has been in Cub Scouts and then Boy Scouts since the first grade. He is a senior at WCHS this year.

“I’m planning on going to Bevill State,” Lewis added, as he is interested in the automotive field.

“We decided upon an outdoor classroom,” Principal Heather Tucker said. “This is stage one. There are other things we want to add to it, like planting beds and maybe a fish pond. We’re ready to use it.”

Lewis, students and school personnel gathered for a short ceremony and dedication Tuesday, March 10. Lewis wishes to thank all who have helped, donated and supported him in this endeavor. He appreciates everyone.

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