Adam Gray new Winston Career Academy director

Adam Gray

DOUBLE SPRINGS - The Winston Career Academy turns 47-years-old this year. During this time, there have only been five directors serving the school and students. Effective Monday, June 1, the sixth  director was named at the Winston County Board of Education meeting.
The position became open when Bart Shannon moved to the position of administrative assistant at the central office, a vacated spot created by Danny Springer’s retirement. Filling Shannon’s shoes at the WCA is Adam Gray, the former assistant principal at Double Springs Middle School.
Shannon mentioned leaving the WCA was a difficult thing to do, but the WCA is being left in good hands.
“I think (Gray) is going to do a great job,” Shannon said. “He and I have already been working together...He’s in tune with where career/technical education is in our county and our state and is interested in continuing to help propel us forward. He’ll continue to help that school excel.”

“I’ve discussed with Mr. Gray some different things, but I really don’t expect any changes at the academy,” Winston County Schools Superintendent Greg Pendley said. “At some juncture, we may open up some new programs, but I don’t see anything changing initially.”
“Bart’s been good about working with me those first two days,” Gray said, mentioning Shannon had eased the transition process by giving him information on the current business of the WCA and background on how things work.
“Bart’s done a lot of really good things and made a lot of upgrades,” Gray said. “All of the programs are in good shape now. We want to keep going what Bart and the people before him has going and keep improving as we go.”
Becoming the new administrator of a school can be a difficult transition, and this year, it has been made more so for Gray due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of the near future.
“With everything else going on, it’s making it more difficult. We don’t even know when we’ll start school back.”
As to Gray’s qualifications, he has a degree in education and one in human performance from the University of Alabama. He also has a degree in educational leadership from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
“I’m looking forward to taking the challenges of this job,” Gray said. “I think Mr. Shannon has put it in a good position. And from what I know about everybody who works here, we have really good, quality people, which makes my job easier coming into it.”
Alan, Gray’s father, taught automotive classes at the WCA for many years. Both Alan and Adam are graduates of WCHS.
Gray plans to continue some of his basketball coaching duties. His replacement at DSMS is Brian Wakefield, former assistant principal at WCHS.



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