Newburg Road to close in sections due to sewer project

Engineer Calvin Cassady points out the drainage ditch near the 11th Avenue and Newburg Road intersection where the new sewer line will turn before it ties in at Highway 13.

HALEYVILLE - Updates in existing infrastructure keeps problems at a minimum, but can cause problems in other areas, such as motorists and businesses.

Due to a sewer replacement project, Newburg Road, in the area of the Haleyville Housing Authority will have to be closed to motorists in sections which will last through at least November, possibly through the beginning of December. It will be several weeks before the road is actually closed, although on-site prep work is already underway.

Engineer Calvin Cassady, with the Cassady Company, explained the project and necessary detour around Newburg Road during the Haleyville Water Works and Sewer Board meeting Tuesday, June 23.

There will be detours with the closing of portions of Newburg Road just off the Highway 13/11th Avenue intersection. Areas affected by this project are from just north of Newburg Street south across 11th Avenue to Highway 13. Detour routes will be along 11th Avenue. Newburg Road will be closed to through traffic, although area residents will still be able to drive through at times.

The detour route, from Highway 13, will take motorists along the Kelly Hill area of 11th Avenue, which parallels Newburg Road, then turn right onto 28th Place to come back to Newburg Road near 28th Street past the road construction. Motorists may also continue on 11th Avenue to its termination on Newburg Road at the Quick Shop Shopping Center, though this is not the official detour route. A portable message sign will be set up on Highway 13 to inform motorists of the detour.

According to Cassady, all sewer lines from the Wal-Mart area and from the northern portion of Newburg Road, including the golf course and airport, flows to one point: the first manhole on the east side of Newburg Road where the construction area will begin.

Currently, the line turns and flows under the highway to another manhole, continuing to the western side of the road to Highway 13. The existing eight-inch sewer pipe will be replaced with a 12-inch pipe along an alternate route, with the new placement of manholes.

“We just have more sewage coming this way,” Cassady explained the reasoning behind the project. “By doing this, we can take more sewage.”

The beginning of the project, north toward 28th Street, is the area where construction will inconvenience motorists.

“The road will have to be dug up,” Cassady said. “We’re going to put up signs to close (Newburg) at 28th Street. The signs will be set up so people can get by there. It’s just basically saying the road is closed to through traffic.” He also mentioned the road will be fixed every night, though the road will remain closed.

There are multiple parallel parking spaces on the western side of Newburg Road belonging to Newburg Road Apartments, which are located within the construction area.

“Those people are the ones who will be inconvenienced the most,” Cassady said.

“Once the road is closed, it will be one way in and one way out,” Drew Thrasher, water superintendent with the HWWSB, said concerning resident parking in this area. “They’ll still have access to all the parking spaces.”

Once the area near Newburg Street is complete, Newburg Road will be re-opened. However, the road will be gravel and not be paved at this point.

“It probably won’t be paved until November,” Cassady added.

Newburg Road will be closed after the new sewer line is installed from Highway 13 to near the Haleyville Housing Authority apartment complex. The sewer line will be run on the west side of Newburg Road without any traffic impediments, and several trees will be removed. This new sewer line will tie in with another one on Highway 13.

The old line being replaced is thought to have been built with the 1968 or 1969-era sewer construction, Cassady mentioned. Approximately 3,300 feet of new pipe will be installed.
HWWSB asks motorists, residents and businesses to have patience as they work in the area.

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