Arley’s Hickory Lane to see changes soon

Grass is currently growing in parts of Hickory Lane in Arley. Thanks to the new Rebuild Alabama Act and the new gas tax, this road will be chip sealed soon.

ARLEY - A patch next to a pothole with an area of grass growing in the pavement is an accurate description of sections of Hickory Lane, also known as County Road 3962, in Arley. Only approximately 1.7 miles in length, it makes a winding loop from the Arley Bypass near Meek High School to Arley First Baptist Church on County Road 41 south of the main portion of town. With the condition it is in, and thanks to the Rebuild Alabama Act, the road was approved to be resurfaced with chip seal at the Monday, July 6, Arley council meeting. The funds used to fix the road will be coming from monies obtained through gas taxes.
“I talked with Commissioner Bobby Everett about working on Hickory Lane,” Mayor Chris Tyree said. “He would like to get $5,000 or $6,000 from us to help them pave Hickory Lane.”
Councilman Bob Williams made a motion to give $5,000 from one of the gas tax accounts to the county for the work. Jerry Goodwin made the second. The project will be a joint effort between the county and the Town of Arley.
According to Tyree, the current pavement will be removed, leaving a gravel road for a couple of weeks to make sure there are not any problems before the road is finished.
“That’s a rough road,” Tyree added. “It does need some work.”
“We will be repairing the base in places of base failure and then the road will be resurfaced by chip sealing,” James Glasgow, Winston County engineer, said.
This will be the first road repairing project in Arley with funds taken from the gas tax, Tyree said.


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