Lions returning 20 seniors this year

The Haleyville High School Lions

HALEYVILLE   -  Chris Musso’s positive attitude and excitement over starting his second year at the helm of the Haleyville Lions varsity football team will outweigh any challenges the team will face this year during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Musso does not dwell on negatives, but positives and wants his guys to do the same. He stresses a strong, well-built program with character, integrity and morality among his players. These things, he said, build a true team, one that can outplay the negatives set before them.
“What the Lord has called me to do is coach ball, so I’m very excited  anytime we get to come in and be around the kids,” Musso began.
“I am just like everybody else. I just hope we  get to finish the season and have a good opportunity to coach these guys.
“These kids need football right now, as much as anything in America,” he stressed.
Athletes were not able to complete spring sports due to schools being ordered by the state to close in March due to the rising COVID-19 pandemic.
The guys returning as seniors on the gridiron this fall need to have an opportunity to finish their season, as well as all of the other team members, the coach said.
“They need it, and we need it as coaches. Our community needs it,” Musso stated. “It’s a good thing for our community to rally around.”


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