Land tax exemptions can be filed by mail this year

DOUBLE SPRINGS - Land taxes become due on Oct. 1, every year and are considered delinquent after Dec. 31. Those 65 or older qualify for a reduction, but the revenue commissioner’s office has to have a form signed and on file by those who qualify. Every year, the forms have had to be completed in the Winston County Revenue Commissioner’s office. Due to COVID-19 this year, the forms may be completed by mail.
According to Dawn Carroll, chief clerk, the 2021 Affidavit of Homestead Exemption Qualifications forms and a letter will be mailed in mid-September, and all who have an exemption on file should receive them by Oct. 1. For those who do not have an exemption on file, they must go to the office in person. Please call them at (205) 489-5166 for information on what to bring to file an exemption.
The form must be returned to the revenue commissioner’s office with proof of income. There is space on the form to fill out the income from tax returns. To help expedite the process, income amount can be found on the federal income tax return Form 1040 and Form 1040SR on line 11B, state Form 40 on line 10 and state Form 40A on line seven. If the qualifying landowner did not file a tax return, simply check this on the form, sign it and mail it back in.
The form also contains a section on those with disabilities to check. The same as those over the age of 65, documentation must be on file with the revenue commissioner’s office if this applies. If not, the landowner must come to the office. If documentation is on file, check, sign and return the mailed form.
For those who wish to come into the office, copies of the federal and state tax returns, if applicable, will need to be brought in.
This is being done to alleviate worry and to keep traffic down in the courthouse annex.
“This will save them having to come to the office,” Carroll said. “We want them to know (the letters) are coming. “We’re trying to adapt with the regulations and times we’re living in now, and we’re hoping this will be something that can help. If you have not been getting out and are worried about COVID-19, this is an option you can do.”
It is the responsibility of the property owner to inform the revenue commissioner’s office of any changes in ownership, exemption eligibility and property condition, including the addition or removal of improvements.
For any questions, please call the revenue commissioner’s office at (205) 489-5166. The mailing address to return the form is Sandra Wright, P.O. Box 160, Double Springs, AL 35553.
The revenue commissioner’s office is located in the courthouse annex across Highway 195 from the courthouse.

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