Truancy among virtual students a concern

DOUBLE SPRINGS - Are your virtual student(s) logging in daily and checking their work? Parents and guardians should make sure they are or might end up in court. School officials are checking the logs daily, and if a student has not signed in and checked their work, that student is listed as having an unexcused absence.
Just like with traditional students, an absence will be listed as unexcused if a note from parents or a doctor has not been turned in after three days.
“September was School Attendance Awareness month, and we need parents to be diligent about making sure their kids are at school every day unless they are sick or showing signs of COVID-19,” Kristie Moon, virtual school administrator and truancy director for Winston County Schools, said. “Check-ins and check-outs also account toward attendance issues when it comes to grades. If they are unexcused, they can result in zeroes. Unexcused days result in zeroes for test grades or any type of grades that were taken during the day they were absent with an unexcused day.”
Moon mentioned the students and parents should read the schools’ student handbooks given out regarding excused and unexcused absences. The handbook can be downloaded from the Winston County School System website at
“Upon the fifth truancy of a student a petition shall be filed with the juvenile court system,” the student handbook states. “All student absences shall be designated as either excused or unexcused. A student shall be excused for absence from school for the following reasons:
•student is too ill to attend school;
•inclement weather that would be dangerous for students to attend school as determined by superintendent of schools or principal;
•legal requirements or legal quarantine;
• death in the immediate family;
•emergency conditions as determined by the superintendent of schools or principal or
•absence with prior permission of principal or a designee and consent of parent/guardian.
“Absences for reasons other than those defined above shall be considered as unexcused.”


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