Highway 195 turning lane added to 2021 ATRIP-II project

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Transportation on Tuesday announced that more than $45 million in funding is being awarded to cities and counties for various road and bridge projects.

For Winston County, there is only one project listed, and it is the addition of a turning lane from Highway 195 to 20th Avenue in Haleyville. It will ease the stress of motorists who are turning toward the Haleyville school complex from Highway 195. Local funds in the amount of $239,000 will be added to the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program-II amount of $611,043.75, for a total of $850,043.75 for the project.

ATRIP-II is a program created under the Rebuild Alabama Act, which requires ATRIP-II to be an annual program setting aside a minimum of $30 million off the top of ALDOT’s share of new gas tax revenue for projects of local interest on the state highway system.

“In Alabama, across our country and around the globe, we are all still working to get COVID-19 behind us, but here at home, we have not forgotten other priorities. Even as we are overcoming new challenges with the virus, we remain ever committed to making needed improvements to our infrastructure,” Governor Ivey said. “I am proud that Rebuild Alabama continues making these investments possible in areas all across our state. Alabama continues to show progress and tangible results for the people of our state.”

There were 27 projects selected for funding for a total of $45.99 million. Of those awarded projects, 20 were from cities and counties putting forward local funds, for a total of approximately $15.7 million. However, matching funds were not a requirement to be eligible.

The projects were selected by the ATRIP-II Committee created by the Rebuild Alabama Act. It is anticipated that a number of projects will be under contract during the 2021 fiscal year, however all projects are required to move forward within two years of the awarding of funds.

For more information about the ATRIP-II Program, visit www.dot.state.al.us/atrip2/.

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