Addison Schools go virtual until Feb. 1 due to COVID-19

ADDISON - Both Addison Elementary and Addison High School will be virtual until Feb. 1, due to a positive COVID-19 case among the cafeteria staff and resulting quarantines due to contacts, Winston County Schools Superintendent Greg Pendley announced Monday. 

A decision was made  for those schools to go virtual on Friday, Jan. 15, Pendley said.

“It is not so much our student population as it is our employees,” Pendley said. “One of the essential aspects in having school is being able to serve lunch.”

One of the cafeteria staff, which serve meals for both the elementary and high schools, has tested positive for COVID-19, with three total cafeteria staff affected due to resulting contacts, Pendley explained. The 6-15 rule means that if a person is in contact with someone possibly with COVID for a than a six foot distance for a period of at least 15 minutes, that person is required to be quarantined, according to guidelines as set forth by the Alabama Center of Disease Control.

Plans are in place to have pre-packaged meals for Addison students next week, since they will not be on campus until Feb. 1. A date for the giveaway will be announced once available. During the virtual days, teachers and staff who are able, who have not tested positive for COVID-19 or are not in quarantine, need to be on campus to facilitate the online or virtual lessons, school officials said.

The virtual plan for Addison Schools will  not affect the county basketball tournament being hosted there this week, since the primary COVID-19 dangers and resulting quarantine are among cafeteria staff, Pendley explained. 

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