Double Springs park complete and open

One of the improvements to the park is the new asphalt on the walking track.

DOUBLE SPRINGS - A new, smooth-walking asphalt running track has been completed for the Mike Gilbreath Memorial Park, located near the community center off of Highway 278. It closed in February 2020, for renovations and reopened about the first of December, according to Mayor Elmo Robinson.
The park was renovated last year due to time and weather and the effects it had over the past 34 years. New light poles have been installed, along with a new electrical system, video cameras and picnic tables. The construction company was B Construction, LLC, of Winfield. Half of the funding was paid by the Alabama Department of Soil and Water Conservation with the town paying the other half.
“This has cleaned the park up and made it a better environment for picnics, parties and a good place to go walk,” Robinson described.
The park is busy during the day and has night visitors, when some decide to walk. The new lighting and asphalt is a definite plus for this.
“It’s a safe place to walk at night or early in the morning with the lighting if you need to,” Robinson said. “We hope everybody enjoys it.”
The park originally opened in 1986 as Willow Run Park. The name was changed in 2010 to honor Gilbreath, who passed away on March 27, 2009, while clearing debris from County Road 25 when he was struck by a vehicle.

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