We’re fighting for our lives

Every  four years  in  a democratic  government,  the people get to vote  as to the party they  want to govern  them for the next  four years. This has happened now for over  200 years  in our beautiful America.  That  is   democracy. There  are winners  and there are losers  in a democracy.   If that were not true, then   that would not be a democracy. That is true for both parties, Republican and Democrat.  It makes no difference.

Now we,  the American people, are in a fight for our very lives with this loathsome virus  called COVID-19.  Most of us do not understand much about the virus.  We know it affects  different people in  many different ways.We know for sure it kills.  Now, thanks be to our Lord and hardworking people, we are blessed with a  vaccine to combat this menace.

We here in Winston County have an alert  health  department  who have worked hard in the midst of this virus to take  care of the people. We need  to give them a huge  shout out. I  have been able  to speak with my doctor  when my medicine needed to be refilled.  The doctor  asked questions  concerning  my health. Then, the pharmacy I used was called and the prescription filled  promptly.  

As I write this, Haleyville has run short on  vaccine, but I had no trouble getting an appointment to get the virus shot in Double Springs. I am sure, if they haven't already, that Haleyville will receive more vaccine  shortly.

My sincere hope  is that our government can work together  to get  all the people back to work, get businesses opened up again and, shall we  say, get Ol’  Haleyville's  wheels turning  full speed again  We can do it if we try to work together.  I have always loved Haleyville in all my travels, being married to a husband in  the Air Force.  It was always in the back of my mind I would come home one day.  As a movie title  read,  a Lassie movie,an oldie, there's nothing like, no nothing like, "The Hills of Home."

Nadine Hood Overstreet


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