Arley Fire’s ISO rating drops

ARLEY - Having extra money to put toward other expenses, bills or groceries is a good thing. Thanks to efforts of the Arley Fire Department, homeowners in Arley will now be saving money. Fire Chief James Rickett brought the news to the Arley town meeting Monday, March 1, that Arley’s ISO rating dropped from seven to six. This will lower homeowners’ insurance premiums in the area.
ISO stands for Insurance Services Office, which supplies ratings throughout the country. The lower the rating of a fire department, the better it is. ISO looks for things such as water supply, the fire department itself, community risk reduction and emergency communications.
Rickett explained additional training helped lower the rating along with the new truck.
“The new engine gave us the pump capacity to get the better rating,” he said. “Hopefully, the next time they give us a new rating, we’ll try to go for a five or four.”
Rickett also reported during the meeting all parts, including the tank, have come in for the new tanker and hopefully, the truck will be ready in two to three weeks.
The new truck for the water department, discussed last year, has been delivered. It is a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado 3500.


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