Some still skeptical about COVID-19 vaccine

WINSTON COUNTY   - Contrary to reports that Winston County ranks at the bottom of the state when it comes to  COVID-19 vaccinations, local city, county and health officials are claiming that other counties have lower rates.
An article recently published by the Associated Press went into detail, giving their reasons how and why Winston County had the lowest vaccination rate in the state.
“I looked for the data, but I couldn’t find it,” said Dr. Jerry Harrison of Harrison Family Practice in Haleyville.
Harrison noted that counties including Russell, Randolph, Cleburne, Cherokee, DeKalb, Pickens, Chilton and Bibb had vaccination rates lower than Winston.

“Every amount of the vaccine we got, we gave out,” Harrison pointed out. “At the hospital (Lakeland Community Hospital), we were waiting to get more vaccines. We had a waiting list  of 2,000 people at one time.  Why would we recommend taking a shot that would hurt you?”
The Alabamian exploredwhy some people across the county are hesitant to get the COVID-19 vaccine, finding a mixed bag of reactions.  One point that echoed through all of the responses was that people are skeptical of a vaccine that has not been on the market  very long.
Recently, the state expanded the criteria for those receiving the vaccine to ages 16 and older, but the younger generation seems to be quite hesitant about taking the vaccine.
Neither John Bryant, 19,  nor Carson Bryant, 21,   are willing to take the vaccine.
“I am not too much for it,” John began. “It really hasn’t (had) much time to be tested. I would rather wait a few more years until they actually test it more thoroughly.
“They tried pushing this one way too fast,” John added. “What’s the point of getting it? You are pretty much risking yourself over a vaccine when you could just stay inside.”
Carson added that the flu vaccine has been around a while.
“We’ve had time to develop the vaccine. We’ve had time to test it, see what the effects are,” he said.
““I have not really seen that much of a threat from COVID,” he added.



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