Say what you mean

Today we have  many who are perfectionists at changing words around, reconstructing   words to not mean what  they may seem, perhaps not to seem offensive.  
One example is “hunger.” Reconstructed, it can sound like this: food deficiency). Another example is living on the street, changed to housing crisis or inadequate shelter .I could go on and on to fill an entire page with  these “changelings’ rearranged to maybe not seem exactly what they are.
I had hoped to make this a short letter, but I am not going to do that. When a child  and his family live in a shelter, the child has, in reality, no home address to give at school.  It’s a shelter. We thank God  for even that.  When a child is hungry, they are just that. No matter where.
Serve with PRIDE: If, I say plain and  good, if all who fought for freedom during WWII had not given their life's blood for our lives, most of us  would not be here on this planet and the ones who did survive would have led a pitiful existence - us and our loved ones. In plain English so that  you understand, history would have almost certainly taken a different  turn.
I in my heart - an old heart now - honor all veterans  who fought and died for me. So many in my family did and are all gone on to the Lord now, all flown away. The  men fought and died for us,  some just boys. I honor them.
I know many will not agree with me on this, but I believe social media has gotten completely out of control. Some may actual work at keeping   discontent, rage and hate  stirred well and boiling. This is just my opinion.
I love America. I love Haleyville. I was born in Rabbittown, where my parents served the Lord until WWII, then things changed. I married a military man, so I am well traveled, but as Willie Nelson said in one of his songs, “You were always on my mind." Haleyville, you were always on my mind and I vowed I would come back home to Haleyville one day.
I hope I have offended no one.  If I did,  it was by no means my intention.

Nadine Hood



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