HHS students join forces to “Conserve Our Heritage”

Pictured above are Haleyville High School SGA and DECA officers who have planned to “Conserve Our Heritage” through an ongoing community project, along with their sponsor, Neina Middleton, Haleyville Mayor Ken Sunseri and Street Department Assistant Superintendent Chris Saylor. Front row, l-r: Evelyn Kate Carroll, Kaitlyn Burleson, Macy Seymour, LIly Tinch, Emma Parson, Audrey Sibley and Anna Kate Bice. Back row, l-r: Saylor, Cade Burleson, Middleton, Brody Gravitt, Gavin West, Whitt Sutherland, Mac Wil

HALEYVILLE - Living in a city with such a rich heritage, students at Haleyville High School are joining forces to begin a project to help the city’s appearance live up to its heritage.
Student Government Association and DECA students have joined forces to form “Conserving Our Heritage”, an ongoing public service project geared toward cleaning up Haleyville’s appearance by picking up trash along the roadways and creating green spaces and landscaping, all with the goal of making Haleyville even more beautiful.
The idea behind the creation of Conserving Our Heritage came from Haleyville Center of Technology Instructor and SGA and DECA sponsor Neina Middleton.
“I wanted something that our students could do that would help our city, something they could get some lasting value out of and know what all is required of our city and why we should have pride in it.  I don’t know until now that our students are really well informed about how much pride they should have in our 9-1-1 system,” Middleton said.
Haleyville is known as the birthplace of 9-1-1, with the first 9-1-1 call being made in Haleyville February 16, 1968.
Middleton said that as she walked this summer, she noticed trash along the sides of the road.  She was bothered by it, knowing that residents of Haleyville should take more pride in their city and not litter.  When school came back into session, she talked with SGA and DECA club officers about creating an ongoing project that could create pride in the city not just for students, but for residents.
“I thought the first thing we could do was trash pickup,”  Middleton said.
The students jumped at the idea of working toward the goal, so began brainstorming.  A name and logo for the project was created, and plastic trash bags were ordered.  Students also decided to do a community project every nine weeks, with the first planned for this Saturday, Oct. 16.  Students plan to gather at Rocky Ravine Park, located off of Highway 195, at 8 a.m., then go out in pairs or groups to the city’s side roads, beginning downtown, and pick up trash.  They are asking others in the community to join them, including church groups, civic clubs or anyone else who wants to make an impact.
As an incentive for coming out, the clubs will be randomly giving away gas cards or VISA gift cards to those who participate Saturday.  The person who collects the most trash will get a gift card, and two other persons who participate will also receive one through a random drawing.  Garbage bags, gloves and bottled water will be provided to all participants.  The goal is to be completed by 9:30 a.m.


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