City Pool

Lack of lifeguards at Haleyville City Pool not a new problem

Tim Robertson, director of the Haleyville Parks and Recreation Department, gives instructions to lifeguards before they start to work at the pool. Lifeguards, from left, J.B. Crumpton, Adyson Robertson, Posey Whiteside, Emma Ballenger and Melissa Boshell.
HALEYVILLE - There have always been ebbs and flows in the lifeguard situation at the Haleyville Swimming Pool, but recent social media posts about the uncertainty of the pool’s future due to lifeguard shortages is being addressed by city officials.

Council member stirs waters over city pool

Bradly Comeens, director of Double Springs Park and Recreation and P&R employee Emily Holt at the pool, which has currently been drained in order for work to be done and chemicals checked before it opens.
DOUBLE SPRINGS - One Double Springs Town Council member’s opinion about the condition and lower attendance at the swimming pool at the community center stirred the waters at a recent meeting.