Marion County

First Alabama Cavalry honored

Eddie Bratton and Brent Goodwin fire their rifles over the grave of Veteran Andrew Mitchell at Thornhill Cemetery.
WINSTON COUNTY - Many hardships were endured in the hills of northwest Alabama in the 1860s. It was brother against brother, literally, and hard times for the folks at home who were dealing with raiders and pillagers.

Sons of Union to have dedication ceremony June 14

Joel Mize, left, and Bud Nixon place an American flag on the grave of George Whitehead at Littleville Cemetery.
WHITEHOUSE COMMUNITY - Honor, bravery and patriotism to the United States of America led several thousand northwest Alabama men to enlist in the First Alabama Cavalry during the War of Rebellion between 1861 and 1865. Being loyal to the USA, a select few were chosen as personal security guards to Generals William T. Sherman and Ulysses Grant.