City of Haleyville taking paver brick orders

Mayor Ken Sunseri, Katie Tidwell, City of Haleyville revenue clerk and City Council Member Blue Russell show the decorative pavers on the sidewalk in downtown Haleyville that are just waiting to have names enscribed upon them. The city is currently taking orders for the pavers.
HALEYVILLE - For the first time in over a decade, Haleyville residents, business owners and others with ties to the city have the opportunity to leave their mark on the city - literally.

Downtown vandalized: merchants, tenants demand answers as police patrols increase

Haleyville Public Library Librarian Carla Waldrep points to a broken glass window in the former law office building of the late Jerry Jackson, which is located next to the library.
HALEYVILLE - Merchants and others along Main Street in downtown Haleyville are speaking out, requesting more action be taken after another incident of destruction of city property.