food shortage

Local schools facing possible milk shortages

Third grade students, from left, Tayvin Abbott, Krymson Doss and Collin Whitten, choose milk from the cooler during lunch time.
HALEYVILLE - The expression “Got Milk?” has never meant as much as it does now, as local school systems are having to consider alternative plans each time they receive milk shipments, thanks to a company closure resulting in milk shortages.

Haleyville City Schools partners with local grocers to shore up food supply amid nationwide shortages

Emma Anne Hallman, director of the child nutrition program at Haleyville City Schools, shows the three rented coolers that are being used to store perishable items for each school on campus.
HALEYVILLE - Educators are fearing that food shortages at school cafeterias, caused by a lack of workers in distribution warehouses and truck drivers transporting goods, may only be the beginning, with the worst yet to come.