Mudslides closing roads

The side of County Road 79 has collapsed at a culvert, due to a mudslide. The road is currently closed to thru traffic.

WINSTON COUNTY - The heavy rains of Tuesday, Feb. 19, have caused two mudslides thus far in Winston County, and more may happen as the rain continues this week.

County Road 79, two miles west of Double Springs off County Road 25, was closed Feb. 20, when a mudslide collapsed the edge of the road at a culvert. This occurred half a mile from County Road 25 next to Clear Creek. An official with the road department spoke with the Alabamian, explaining it was due to the flooding. The damage cannot be ascertained until the flood waters recede. It was also said it may be some time before it is fixed.

On County Road 58 in East Haleyville earlier this year, a mudslide began at the top of the hill above the small stream, which is also a branch of Clear Creek, causing the road to be closed until recently. The recent rains have caused more slides at this location, resulting in the closure.

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