Delmar’s ISO drops mean possible savings for homeowners

From l-r: Delmar Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief Micah Ouellette, second lieutenant Rosie Ouellette, Chief Ray Cantrell and first lieutenant Kerry “Bubba” Adams.

DELMAR - The Delmar Volunteer Fire Department has achieved something many smaller departments can only dream about.
Beginning March 1, the department's ISO - or Insurance Service Office -  rating is dropping from a 9 to a 7 for all homes and businesses within a five-mile radius of the department, which is located on Highway 13 south.  For those within the department's coverage area, but outside of that five-mile radius of the station who do not have a fire hydrant within 1,000 feet of their homes, the ISO rating is dropping from a 9 to a 7.  Bottom line, this can mean a savings for homeowners.
"It should lower residents' insurance a pretty decent amount,"  Delmar VFD Chief Ray Cantrell said.Delmar VFD covers 54 square miles.  The department travels from County Road 28, right side only) to Beech Grove Road, then all of County Road 28 all the way to 278,  The southernmost point of the department's coverage area is the Natural Bridge Stockyard on Highway 13 south.
Westwardly, the department goes to the Marion County line, then eastwardly, the left side of Highway 278 to County Road 440, all of 440, the Booger Tree area to Macedonia Road.



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