Cold as ice: winter storm causes damage

WINSTON COUNTY - Ice can easily be seen creating nature’s portrait when coating trees but can often be much harder to see as well as dangerous on roadways.
Motorists during extreme winter weather often hear the term black ice referring to ice that’s hard to see on roads.
Travel on roadways is being strongly discouraged by Winston County Emergency Management  Director Jimmy Madison due to ice and snow conditions early Tuesday morning.
The winter storm  that spawned severe thunderstorms and even some tornadoes in the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, brought ice to northwest Alabama beginning Monday.
Some areas experienced a cold soaking rain that quickly turned into a mix of sleet. By the time the storm system ended late Monday afternoon, temperatures plummeted into the low to single digits turning moist roadways into a white layer of ice and on landscapes.
In fact, the winter storm has left a large portion of the U.S. with the coldest weather in decades.
The threat of ice shut a majority of businesses in the city of Haleyville down by 4 p.m., including restaurants, gas stations, small as well as large retail stores.
By 4 p.m. Monday, the city of Haleyville was a ghost town and by 9 p.m. had become a ghost town covered with white layer of ice.


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