We’re numb to mass shootings

Our country has more mass shootings than days in the year.  It seems that our country has become numb and complacent to mass shootings.  Resignation is wrong and expands the problem.  Violence is seen as a valid resolution.  
All perpetrators of school mass shootings: Columbine, Sandy Hook, Santa Fa, Parkland, Uvalde - were under the age of 21.  The age to acquire an assault rifle and rounds of ammunition should be raised from 18 to 21.  Our government plans on going on a 10-day recess before addressing this urgent matter.
Governor Abbott of Texas said that one has to be evil to shoot their grandmother in the face and then kill 21 people, mostly children.  I say: How evil is a government that allows persons under 21 to purchase an assault rifle and untold rounds of ammunition?
The NRA’s convention was Memorial Day weekend in Houston, Texas.  Will they accept any responsibility for mass shootings or offer any solutions?
Conservative families and liberal families all want the same things: “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


Betty Davis Hooper
Double Springs     


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