Haleyville City Schools superintendent contract renewed

Haleyville School Board President Chad Tidwell cast the only no vote toward renewing HCS Superintendent Dr. Holly Sutherland’s contract for the next three years.

HALEYVILLE       -  The contract renewal for Haleyville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Holly Sutherland has been approved on a 4-1 vote by the board of education, four months before the board was required to notify the superintendent of the renewal.
Sutherland’s contract extension was just one of a lengthy list of items covered by the board at their Aug. 22, meeting held at the high school commons area.  Board President Chad Tidwell asked for a motion on the contract extension, effective July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2026. Making the motion was board member Boo Haughton, seconded by  Donna Jones.  Voting in favor were Haughton, Jones, Beth McAlpine and Kris Burleson, with Tidwell casting the only no vote.  The motion carried, however, on a 4-1

Sutherland reacted to the board’s decision to renew her contract.
“I am blessed and honored to be able to continue to serve alongside the amazing teachers, staff, and administrators who serve Haleyville City Schools for four more years,” Sutherland pointed out.
“Being the superintendent in your hometown often has its unique challenges, but I feel that we are doing great things for the students in Haleyville and providing them with opportunities to excel in a variety of areas, which makes it all worth it,” Sutherland added.
“Haleyville has rich traditions of excellence and is known as the Home of Champions,” she continued.  “We will work daily to continue to do what is best for the children in this district, and will strive to continue making our community proud of our school system.”
Sutherland then thanked the board, her family, friends and employees of the Haleyville City School system, “for allowing me to serve as your superintendent and for the support you give me daily.  I love Haleyville City Schools and will continue to strive for us to be the best school system in the state of Alabama.”
According to the terms of Sutherland’s present contract, the school board agrees to notify the superintendent in writing, on or before Jan. 1, 2023, on whether or not they intend to renew the contract for an additional term.
The superintendent, the contract reads, shall remind the board in writing of this renewal clause by written notice provided to the board president, “on or before Nov. 1, of each year in which a notice of renewal  may be considered.

Pay increase
 reflected in contract

The only change in the contract compared to the previous contract, with the exception of certain dates required for renewal, was in her annual base salary.  Before the contract was approved, Sutherland was earning $127,000 a year, according to board members.
The superintendent is subject to any and all salary increases instituted or mandated by the state legislature, related to certified educational personnel, according to the contract.
The new contract states, “The superintendent shall be paid in equal monthly installments based upon a 12-month annual base salary of $140,000 for the period of July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2026, for the duration of her contact.”



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