Rumors untrue

HALEYVILLE - The Alabamian has determined that rumors about the drug fentanyl having caused a poisoning at Haleyville City Schools are false, having checked with Police Chief Rodney Lewis.

Lewis explained that the police department responded to a 13-year-old experiencing a drug overdose, but the incident did not involve fentanyl, nor did the incident occur on a school campus or at any school-related activity or function.

“Nothing occurred at the school,” Lewis confirmed. “It didn’t have anything to do with the school. It was a student who went to the school. That’s the only connection to the school.

“(The student) didn’t insinuate that he got it from the school or anything like that,” Lewis added.

Haleyville City School officials told the Alabamian that the student was not enrolled at Haleyville and offered no further comment about the issue.

Alabamian General Manager Mike Moore stated, “The NWA wants to put any issues to rest that are not true. The safety of, and concern for, the students, staff and citizens we serve will always come first.”

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