Meet local, state and federal candidates Monday in Double Springs at forum

DOUBLE SPRINGS     -  The public is encouraged to know their local, federal and state candidates who will be seeking office in the March 5, 2024, primary elections, during a political forum on Monday, Sept. 25.
The forum, sponsored by ALFA Winston County Farmers Federation,  will begin with a meet-and-greet with the public and candidates at 5 p.m. at the Double Springs Municipal Building on Highway 195.
All participating candidates are urged to be at the main stage area at 5:30 p.m. for a group picture, according to Ronnie Mobley, member of the Farmers Federation Women’s Committee.
Candidates can sign up to speak the night of the forum, said Mobley, emphasizing that candidates will not be charged to speak, nor will the public be charged for attending.
Beginning at 6 p.m., each candidate will be given three to five minutes each to speak and state his or her candidacy for office and the platform on which they are running, said Mobley.  
Time for candidates to speak will depend on the number that sign up, she said.
Candidates who would like to speak can contact Mobley at (205) 269-0073, or any member of the Winston County Farmer’s Federation, in order to sign up, according to Mobley.
Mobley hopes for a good attendance, not just from candidates but the general public as well.
“It is everyone’s God-given privilege, their duty...I’d like to ask everyone to participate in the election,” Mobley pointed out. “It’s also their responsibility to be active in the election process.
“In this effort, we will be able to elect the best qualified candidate for each office,” Mobley added. “You are needed.”
Mobley added she wanted people to attend the polls, March 24, participate in the election and to elect those they feel would be best qualified for the offices for which they are seeking.
Candidates from the following county, state and federal offices are encouraged  to be in attendance at the forum:
Winston County Superintendent of Education, commission chairman, coroner, all five districts of the Winston County Board of Education, probate judge, circuit clerk, district judge;
Circuit Judge 25th Judicial Circuit; all 18 county constables; Public Service Commission president; Alabama Court of Civil Appeals places 1-3; Court of Criminal Appeals places 1-3;
Associate justices of Supreme Court places 1-4; Chief Justice Supreme Court; state board of education districts 1,3,5,7,  and U.S. Representative District 4.

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