Russell wins statewide honor in Farm-City poster contest

Anslee Russell, of Lynn Elementary School, scored fifth place in the 2022 Alabama Farm-City Committee Poster Contest for Kindergarten through Third Grades. She is pictured with AFC’s Tiffany Lester and Alabama Farm-City Committee Chair Jeff Helms of the Alabama Farmers Federation. (Courtesy photo)
LYNN - Lynn Elementary School’s Anslee Russell has impressed the state with her talent and support of Alabama farmers, and now her work will be shared throughout the state.

Old Alfa building being torn down

The old Henry E. McNutt Alfa building was torn down Friday, March 22. The demolition crew had 13th Avenue by the post office closed to perform the task.
HALEYVILLE - A Demolition crew had 13th Avenue by the post office closed Friday, March 22, to tear down the old Alfa building. Motorists are urged to avoid the area for the next several hours.