Ivey awards over $3 million to assist victims of violence

WINSTON COUNTY - A Shelby County-based animal shelter that takes in or arranges boarding for pets for those fleeing domestic violence situations is among eight organizations awarded funds from Gov. Kay Ivey. In total, the Governor awarded almost $3.35 million to assist victims statewide.
The Humane Society of Shelby County in Columbiana was awarded $40,612 to continue boarding dogs, cats and other pets belonging to domestic violence victims who for their own safety had to leave their homes. In many cases, domestic violence shelters that assist victims cannot accommodate their pets.  
The Governor also awarded funds to agencies that assist sexual assault victims and crime victims and aid those injured or who had family members injured or die because of intoxicated drivers.
“Domestic violence takes a heavy toll on entire families. While these organizations can never fully take away the pain and suffering in those awful situations, they can and do offer aid, comfort and expertise to benefit victims,” Gov. Ivey said. “I commend these organizations for the care they show to victims as they help them recover.”
The Humane Society of Shelby County takes in pets or finds temporary shelter for them when persons flee domestic violence situations. According to the organization, many domestic violence shelters say that left-behind pets are a factor in why many victims refused to leave their homes. The organization also helps arrange veterinary care for pets that may have been neglected or injured in a domestic violence situation. Funding to the shelter also helps pay pet deposits when victims move to a rental house or apartment.
In addition to the Humane Society of Shelby County, other agencies receiving funds include:
Alabama Department of Human Resources- $1.65 million to provide shelter, housing and support services for elderly people who are abused. Types abuse may range from physical harm, neglect, identity theft and financial crimes.
The Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence – Two grants totaling $527,500 to ensure victims of domestic violence are provided emergency housing, counseling, court assistance and legal support.
Alabama Office of Prosecution Services - $552,351 to provide legal assistance statewide for crime victims.
The Alabama Coalition Against Rape Inc. - $191,840 to provide referrals, support, safety services and legal assistance to victims statewide.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving - $77,355 to provide emotional support, legal accompaniment and assistance for people or their families who were victims of crashes involving drugs, alcohol and illegal substances.
Victims of Crime and Leniency - $152,655 to provide legal assistance and advocacy for family members of victims of robbery and homicide.

Legal Services Alabama Inc. - $30,864 to provide legal aide in domestic violence situations.



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