Arley native gives back

Celia Sampley, left, and Debra Johnson, right, give their respective grandson and son, Caleb Johnson, a big hug.

ARLEY - Arley native Caleb Johnson, author of the newly-published book Treeborne, has been on a book signing tour across the southeast since it was published by Picador Press in June, but recently came home to share his success by giving back.
Johnson appeared at the Arley Public Library for a book signing, discussion and question-and-answer session. The building was crowded, and parking overflowed to across the street from the library. Having the book signing tour, Johnson can meet the people and get their perception on the book and see how well it is being received, he noted.
“The book centers on the family of Treeborne, who own a wooded plot of land outside of town.  The story takes place over three different timelines. The matriarch of the family, Maybelle Treeborne, mysteriously turns up dead. She was found in the woods. The family ends up in a quarrel, and in the midst of this, Maybelle’s daughter, Tammy, goes missing,” Johnson said about the book.



See the complete story in the July 11, edition of The Northwest Alabamian.
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