Report cards out for all Alabama Public Schools

WINSTON COUNTY - The Alabama State Department of Education released Thursday, Feb. 1, its anticipated report card prototypes for all Alabama public schools, including local schools.  School system leaders both locally and statewide have spoken out against the report card, questioning its methodology.

Grades given to area school systems are:

Haleyville City Schools:  80-B

Marion County Schools:  79-C

Winston County Schools: 76-C

Individual school system grades are as follows:

Addison Elementary School:  82-B

Addison High School:  75-C

Double Springs Elementary School:  68-D

Double Springs Middle School:  71-C

Haleyville Elementary School:  79-C

Haleyville Middle School:  77-C

Haleyville High School:  75-C

Lynn Elementary School:  76-C

Lynn High School:  71-C

Meek Elementary School:  81-B

Meek High School:  70-C

Phillips Elementary School:  82-B

Phillips High School:  72-C

Winston County High School:  74-C

All of the Alabama State Report Cards are viewable at

We are working on an in-depth story regarding the report card prototypes, including taking a look at the methodology used to come up with the grades.

See the complete story in an upcoming edition of the Northwest Alabamian.
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