Bear Creek

PHS Homecoming Parade Friday

It's homecoming week for Phillips High School!

BEAR CREEK - This is homecoming week at Phillips High School, and the school will celebrate with a homecoming parade Friday, Oct. 11. Line-up will be behind Phillips High School near the Attie Fleming Building beginning around 12:45 p.m., with the parade to follow at 1:30 p.m.

Bear Creek council votes to borrow $30,000

Bear Creek Mayor Tammie Batchelor talks to Attorney Cole Christopher and Town Clerk Jamie Green about the need to borrow from the town's lines of credit.
BEAR CREEK - The Bear Creek Town Council voted to borrow $30,000 from their line of credit in order to pay bills and pay officers in the police department, at the council's regular meeting Monday, October 7.

BCDA raises rates

Rates for camping and other activities on waters administered by the Bear Creek Development Authority have increased.
HODGES - Taking action based on a recommendation by the Alabama Sunset Committee, the Bear Creek Development Authority voted unanimously across the board to raise their rates and fees based on an audit conducted of the board’s expenses.

Bear Creek town limit issue resolved

BEAR CREEK - The issue of whether or not the property of Bear Creek Mayor Tammie Batchelor is located in the town limits has been resolved, with documents showing the property was approved 35 years ago to be annexed into the town limits, but the ordinance approving it was never recorded at the probate judge’s office until recently.

NACOLG seeks residents’ input for grant projects

Bear Creek Mayor Tammie Batchelor shows the income statement that residents must fill out before the town can obtain grant funding. Also shown is Water Supervisor Tyson Brown.
BEAR CREEK - Needs throughout the Town of Bear Creek, which kept coming back to water issues, were the forefront of a public hearing Thursday, June 20, gathering public input towards a $350,000 Community Development Block Grant that will be used for overall community improvements.

Bear Creek back in debt

Discussing the indebtedness, from left, Mayor Tammie Batchelor, Clerk Jamie Green and Attorney Cole Christopher.
BEAR CREEK - The time has come for the Town of Bear Creek to turn over all of its finances to the Alabama Attorney General for investigation, after the town council and members of the public discussed back payments never made to the Internal Revenue Service during a previous administration, that are now coming to a head.

Mayor, town officials say employees a necessity

From left, Trenton Bonner, park employee; Water Supervisor Tyson Brown; Park and Rec Employee Crimson Jett and Andrew Welborn, director of both the street department and park and rec, at the meeting.
BEAR CREEK - Mayor Tammie Batchelor and employees of the town of Bear Creek have gone to bat, defending stiff claims from Town Council Member Daniel Green that all employee overtime as well as employees should be cut.