Absentee voters face new requirements under new law

WINSTON COUNTY - Alabama Act 2019-507 became effective August 1, establishing new requirements for voters casting absentee ballots.
A copy of the voter’s valid photo identification must now be submitted along with the absentee ballot application. This will ensure that only eligible voters receive ballots for the election in which they are qualified to vote.
Prior to August 1, voters requesting an absentee ballot were not required to present a valid form of photo identification with their application, making it more difficult for absentee election managers to verify the voter’sidentity.
“Now more than ever, we are making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. By streamlining the process to verify absentee voters, we are making the submission of an absentee application easier and more efficient for all who are eligible,” said Alabama Secretary of State Jonn Merrill.
Absentee election managers are no longer required to publish the list of absentee voters, their addresses and their polling places in the county courthouse. This law protects voter privacy and keeps information from being compromised by those looking to influence elections.
This law introduces two new instances for voters to submit an absentee ballot: if a voter is the caregiver to an immediate family member or if a voter has been incarcerated, but has not been convicted of a disqualifying felony.
Further, Act 2019-507 provides that a voter may apply for an emergency absentee ballot while serving as the caregiver to someone who requires medical treatment or if an immediate family member has passed away within five days of an election.
In order to ensure absentee ballots are returned in a timely manner in a way that is convenient, voters now have the option to return ballots by commercial carrier in addition to U.S. mail.
“In the office of the Secretary of State, we are working to make the electoral process more efficient and accommodating for the people of Alabama,” announced Merrill.

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