Bus route issue near Addison fixed

ADDISON - A decision regarding the  school bus route for County Road 3159/National Forest Road 266, a gravel road, has been made by the Winston County Board of Education.
“We’ve re-routed it,” Winston County Schools Superintendent Greg Pendley said. “I know the bus driver doing it, and we’re crossing a two-lane bridge instead of a one-lane bridge. All of that is resolved at this point.”
Bus number 20-78 was pulled for a short time citing safety concerns after a fender bender style accident in one of the curves on the road. The change affected Dave and Stephanie Wood’s two children, leaving them four miles from where the bus stopped where the pavement ends.
A new bus, number 74, and driver, Tim Box, were assigned to the route beginning Thursday, Oct. 10.
“We want to thank the Winston County school board members, especially Randy Lee, for overturning the decision to change our bus route and  thank the members of our community for their support,” Stephanie stated. She also thanked Winston County Commissioner Bobby Everett and Box.
“We will never understand why this decision was made but are proud to have our bus back to the way it has been for so many years.”

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